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What is Counselling?
Life can present challenges for most people at some point in their lives. At these difficult times some people may find it easier to talk about issues or worries they have with someone who is not a family member or personal friend and who will not judge them. As a counsellor I value and respect each client and I understand their needs and issues are unique to them, I will respect you and offer you a safe and confidential environment in which to explore these concerns.

Working ethically and as a requirement for counselling confidentiality is guaranteed to all clients and what is said between us will not be discussed with anyone else except in supervision when clients are referred to by a coding system to guarantee client anonymity, however exceptions to this may be if I considered there was a significant danger to either the client or others I would aim to discuss this with the client in the first instance. Law governs that I would have to report any disclosures of arson or money laundering.

Agreeing to and accepting counselling is a huge step forwards for many people and a courageous one, acknowledging a problem and talking through possible ways forward for the client that feels right for them the client gains a deeper understanding and awareness and through this awareness the client can make the changes they feel best suits them. My experience as a counsellor is wide and varied covering many differing issues that clients wish to bring. At our initial meeting we would discuss how we might work together if you choose to enter into counselling with me at this time. I very much value your thoughts and opinions and feel it is really important that you are included in all aspects of this. I am interested in what you would like to gain from counselling and if I consider we could not achieve this together I may suggest alternative support that may be more suitable.

My supervision is carried out by a senior therapist with a great deal of experience and knowledge. Supervision enables me to reflect upon the issues clients wish to discuss with me and guarantees I am offering the very best support I can to my clients. Supervision also offers me support, therefore I am able to offer my clients committed and confident support.

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